Archive for January 17, 2023

This book was not exactly what I expected but it was still very good. It delves into an area of creativity that I really like but have been hesitant to take on, namely abstract art. Without knowing me at all, Hillis speaks to pretty much every area with which I struggle and has inspired me to dig deeper. The book has frequent links to video content on her website for further teaching on each chapter as well as seemingly useful exercises to help the reader grasp the content. What is really helpful is Ms. Hillis is a psychology professional. This allows her to really chip away at some of the resistances we face. I have promised myself that I will revisit this book at a less busy time so I can delve deeper into the exercises and the additional material. This is a well written book on a very interesting topic. I highly recommend it, especially if you have an interest in creating compelling visual art.