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What can I say, I loved this book. After bringing us a brilliant parable called Waves, dealing with people finding and using their gifts WITH God, he launches into 111 different musings on various aspects of a creative life with God, organized alphabetically by topic. The articles are pithy almost poetic and poignant, all containing useful information. I loved it. If I were to ding this book at all, it would be for the designer, not the author. I read the Kindle version of this book, and it appears to be a PDF rather than a kindle formatted book. This made it hard to enlarge the text. The designer used several different decorative fonts including one that it very difficult to read in a small size. The design of the book is beautiful and resembles a hand written style. Given the importance of the content, a little reading struggle is not really a large problem. If you are looking to connect your creativity with your Creator, this books is for you. I plan on referring back to these inspirational articles frequently.