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Another exceptional book from Allen Arnold. It’s not a parable/allegory like his modern classic The Story of With, but it’s still a really great book. Essentially, Arnold takes us back to the garden of Eden and seats us between two trees: The Tree of Knowledge and the Trees of Life, and much like our first parents, he presents us with a choice. This choice is one of two stories, Story one and story two. Story one is the one that was intended from the beginning. The story that leads to the tree of life. Story two is a lesser story, but the one most of us live under, the one brought on when our first parents decided to choose a deceptive promise over an intimate relationship with God. Needless to say, story one if the preferable story, but how do you get there. The short answer is Jesus, but Arnold goes into greater detail to show us how. This is a really great book that will cause much introspection on our relationship with God. Here’s hoping we can all get to story one!