Another Word for the Year…

Posted: January 13, 2023 in Uncategorized

I don’t know if I am allowed more than one, but I feel led to another one without removing the first one. If you’ve been reading my posts this year, you know that I’ve identified a “word” for the year as some are in the practice of doing. It’s a theme of sorts for the coming year, something hopefully inspired by God. This year the word I felt led to was,


but as I’ve been reading, praying and meditating over the past few weeks, another word has moved to the forefront. That word is,


I can’t help but wonder if the two words are interconnected. After all, faithfulness is great, but if we’re not careful it can manifest in a kind of works based righteousness, but what if faithfulness is tied to identity? Can it really be any other way? If my faithfulness is not tied to my identity in Christ, isn’t it really just one more thing to do, a pressured a subconscious effort to earn what God has given freely? Faithfulness is still a great word, but it must be tied to who I am in Christ.

Without that, is it really faithfulness?

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