Posted: May 4, 2022 in Uncategorized

There’s a buzz word out there in the “church” that would make me laugh at its absurdity if it weren’t for the fact that it’s so terrifying. It’s the accusation of “bibliolatry. People will point a finger and say that a person is in idolatry to the Bible. I’m not sure that’s even possible, though in this day and age I have learned that every time I think something is out of bounds, someone will go miles out of their way to prove me wrong, usually without even knowing they did it. 

The accusation usually seems to come from someone who is trying to say God has changed his mind on this, that or the other issue (usually related to sin), and so those who want to adhere to biblical teachings have made an idol of the Bible. It’s heart breaking and as I said before, it’s absurd. No doubt people who hold to this idea will want to throw the accusation of legalism at me for making this statement, but that is not the case. Legalism is the law without grace, and as the recipient of a whole lot of grace, I can’t afford to be that guy. That being said, the biblical standard is unchanging. Jesus fulfilled the law. He didn’t erase it. The law did what it was always intended to do. It showed us our need for a Savior. Under the law we are all guilty and no one can be saved by keeping the law. That’s why we need grace, but this begs the question, does grace make the law invalid? No, not in the least. Jesus said the one who loves me will obey me, and so out of appreciation for the price He paid and out of love for Him we try in Him to obey Him. Obedience to the law, does not save us. We obey the law because He endured unspeakable pain to save us, not to mention our love for Him. Bibliolatry is a made up word and accusations thereof are largely a bad, unfunny joke, but how can I prove it to be so? 

I think I found a way. Imagine your house. Now imagine I came to your house and I told you to call upon three of your closest relatives. I then placed each of you at a corner and told you to hold it up, while I dug out the foundation. From then on it’s your job to keep the house from falling. It would be a full time job for at long as it lasted, but no matter what absurd lengths you went to to hold it up, the end result would be the same. Your house would crumble and fall. 

Now I know what some will want to point out. Paul said Jesus was the foundation of the church, is Jesus, not the Word? That is true, but wouldn’t it also be true that the teachings of Scripture are foundational to a faith in Christ? A major denomination recently had an ad campaign that said “God is still speaking”, and that is absolutely true, but Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, and no teaching that comes from God, will ever contradict His Word. The best, most reliable, way to hear from God is still to open His Word and read it. 

A charge of bibliolatry is a farce and a ruse used in an attempt to justify sin, by attempting to make biblical teaching irrelevant. Don’t fall for it.   

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