I Hate Reading Geniuses…

Posted: April 16, 2022 in Uncategorized

There I said it. I hate reading geniuses. No, perhaps I need to qualify that. There are many geniuses I love to read. C.S. Lewis and Tolkien come to mind as do a number of other writers, including the ultimate genius, God Himself in His Word. Maybe that’s not what I mean. No it’s more that I hate reading people who seem to be deliberately vague, hiding their meaning by attempting to show me their intellectual superiority. I want to shout, “Okay I get it! You’re really smart.” The problem is they lose me more and more with every word requiring a dictionary. Think me intellectually lazy or even inferior if you like. I’m okay with it because I am done, especially with those who try to do it in the name of God. The purpose of communication is to be understood. When I approach a message whether it be written or spoken, my gauge of success is measured in the amount of people receiving the message who understand it, because the message with which I have been entrusted is too important to be missed.

The same rules apply to my art. Should I desire to provoke thought, probably, but I recently read an essay that pretty much derided creating works that were “more illustration than art.” It almost seemed like the author thought that was a bad thing and perhaps to him it is, after all he’s probably a genius. For me, what matters most is that what I am trying to say is understood. Life’s too short to be misunderstood and I’m on a mission with a deadline known only to the One who sent me. I don’t want to be so esoteric that people try to read into my work what isn’ t there. That would likely make people think I’m a genius. I think I could to that if I wanted to. The thing is I’m not in this world to point to me. Genius doesn’t save. Jesus does.

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