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The Tragedy of Palm Sunday

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The tragedy of Palm Sunday is that on the surface it looks like Jesus was finally getting the credit He deserves, and yet He was weeping. The reason for His weeping hasn’t changed. The people (at least a lot of them) weren’t really praising Him, they were praising what they wanted Him to be. They wanted a King that would free them Rome and give them power and prosperity for today. His purpose was greater. He came to give them freedom forever and eternal life. When many of those people saw He wasn’t going to give them what they wanted, Hosanna became Crucify.

Accept Him for who He is a follow Him. He is exactly who you need Him to be.

I was introduced to Thomas Wilson’s work by author of the Union Station series E.M. Foner, when he found out that Mr. Wilson and I have similar interests and career. I read the first book in the series Fremont and Sidney and loved it, so I was really excited to see when this book released and I picked it up at once. What a book. I would characterize these books as Sci-Fi with a soul. It is action-packed well written sci-fi with a spiritual component that does not disappoint. We first meet Twila in the first book of the trilogy, but in this book she becomes the title character as she enters into a rescue mission to free her younger sister from a sinister boarding school that is performing experiments on the children. There’s robots, action and intrigue that keeps the story moving at a fast pace, with enough heart and positivity to leave the reader feeling good at the end. This is the second book in a trilogy, but Mr. Wilson has managed to write a book with a beginning and middle and an end. Yes there is enough of a cliff hanger to make me long for the third book, but at the same time he creates a satisfying end to this story. It’s a very well written work of sci-fi that I highly recommend!