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Every time we create, we are in a sense exercising the divine privilege. We are created beings creatively representing our Creator. In the book It Was Good: Making Art to the Glory of God, an anthology of essays on art and the Christian faith, Author James Romaine, explored Michelangelo’s mural on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and the spiritual themes of this masterpiece. Romaine comes to this conclusion. “God continues to work through His own imprint on our creativity. Every time the artist creates, whether or not they are conscious of it as Michelangelo was, they act in the image of the Creator. This is an opportunity for the Creator Himself to con tin His own creative and redemptive workin that person. The gift of creativity, understood as created, redeemed and sustained by the Trinity, is a gift to humanity that we may know Him more intimately. Although not everyone would acknowledge the trinitarian source of our creativity, there is a recognition that this creativity is an important aspect of who we are as human beings. Created in the image of God, our own creativity is a ringing echo of His image within us.”7 What an honor it is to have received the creative gift and to be called to express that gift as our Creator works through us. It is truly a divine privilege.