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This week we look at someone who understood the cross of Christ better than most, because he was hanging on the cross next to him. This man, usually referred to as a thief, came to faith just hours before his own death and his unlikely faith, demonstrates a level of belief that has been seen by few before or since.

New Art…

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I am working through a new sermon series at my church called Witnesses of the Passion. It deals with people who were involved with the death burial and resurrection of Jesus. This week’s message is the thief on the cross. Because we have new AV equipment at our church I wanted to create some different visuals for the series so I decided to do portraits of each of the people. These are relatively quick sketch paintings, about two hours each. I painted the thief, but I also needed Christ on the cross for some of the slides, so I painted Him too. Here’s what I came up with.