An Artist’s Prayer

Posted: February 23, 2022 in Uncategorized

I’m reading a really interesting book called Kingdom: The Rise of the Creative Church by Andre Anderson. In it’s pages, Anderson wrote a wonderful prayer for artists. I thought I would share it here as I recommend this unusual but excellent little book. The book is structured sort of poetically, reminding me a bit of how the biblical book of Isaiah is structured.

“Father, God of creation.
That you for such a gift,
And entrusting me to fulfill such a task.

It is an honor to be called by You,
and to birth Your intangible thoughts.
Forgive me for every time I underestimated Your creativity,
and esteemed my own.

Renew my mind.
I unlearn everything to be taught by You.
Allow me to have the mind of Christ,
so I can explore your deepness,
and create works fit for a King.
I consider no invention to be my own,
but Now I am a steward of Your ideas/

Give me observant eyes.
Help me to see as You see.
Allow me to see which was,
which is,
and which is to come,
so I can guide Your people effectively.

Give me ears to hear Your voice.
Teach me how to listen.
Tell me when to start.
Tell me when to stop.
Let me be sensitive to Your direction.

I pray you to give me laboring hands.
Enhance my skill.
Whatever these hands work upon,
let it prosper.

Finally, give me a willing heart.
Whatever I create,
help me to speak from my heart to Yours.
Help me to touch the hearts of a people,
whether they are many or few.
Let no sin stop the flow of our synergy.
Purify me.

Shine through the work of my hands.
Shine with the brightness of the Sun.
Let my work be a bridge between You and man.

Whether big or small,
I pray You are pleased with my efforts.
I pray my work gives You glory.

These things I ask in Your name, Jesus.

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  2. Robert says:

    Wonderful! Prayer!

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