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Are you familiar with the art of Kintsugi. It’s a Japanese art form where broken pottery is repaired, using gold. The broken pieces are lovingly reassembled with lacquer and then the seems are filled with gold. What you are left with is something that is both broken and beautiful. Kintsugi is a perfect analogy for what Jesus does in our lives. We come to Him broken, but we come out restored and, somehow, better than before. The difference in us is something much more valuable than God, it’s the Holy Spirit dwelling within us.

Let’s take it one step further. Kintsugi is a wonderful metaphor for the Christian life, but how can we as artists carry this metaphor through? How can we take what is broken and make it beautiful? Can we create work that is a metaphor showing the world redemption and restoration? I’d love to see your examples.

God the divine Potter, forms us and reforms us, heals us or our brokenness and forgives us, making us into something new.