Who Do You Share Your Ideas With?

Posted: February 4, 2022 in Uncategorized

Last time I shared about creative community and that begs a question. Who do you share your ideas with? It’s great to have someone to bounce your ideas off of—someone to serve as a sounding board to help you tweak your idea. My caution is that you find that person carefully. You see different people have value at different times in the creative process. The more visionary a person is, the earlier you can bring them into the process.

For example, I have friends I love dearly who are not the first people to share an idea with. Early phase ideas are usually pretty nebulous. They are early in their development and the wrong friend can kill them. Visionaries understand that there are usually a lot of blanks to be filled in early in the process and they know that filling them in is a process. The person who might kill your idea is not an enemy. Their pragmatic questions at the right time in the journey will help you to refine the idea and bring it to reality. They are simply a person who needs to see more of the blanks filled in before they can be brought on board. Bring them a half baked idea, and they will “what if” it to death, but brings them something that is more fully formed and they will help you polish that thing into the gem you know it can be. The same can be said about bringing someone who is more of a dreamer later in the process. Early in the process, the dreamer will help you find new possibilities, and expand that dream quickly. Once you have the thing refined, those same add-ons can make it hard to focus and bring the thing to market.

In the ideal world you’ll have a couple of each kind of person. Dreamers who can help you give your “immature” dreams wings, and refiners to help you make that idea reality. The trick is knowing who is who for each project. Find people you can trust, and let them help you all along the project.

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