Archive for January 10, 2022

Charity Bowman Webb has written a wonderful book on creative ministry here. This book is powerful and biblical. One of the great things that she did explores in this book is God’s pattern in creating the tabernacle. She calls it “The Combination” which is “Blueprints [Ideas from Heaven] + Wisdom + Creativity + Spirit + Existing skill/ability + More skill/ability added by God, joined with Character, Obedience and Perseverance.” I think I instinctively knew about this, given my many years exploring creative ministry, but she gave it a strong expression here that really helped me to formulate a better understanding. She deals a lot with the prophetic aspects of the arts in the church, while simultaneously calling artists to greater accountability to God and the Word. This is a fantastic, challenging book I highly recommend to anyone wanting to combine their creative gifts with ministry or for church leaders who want to embrace the arts in their churches. A great read.