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…as children of God the Creator, created in His image, creativity is in our DNA. While artistic creativity is the emphasis of this book, creativity is much wider. Even people who believe they have no artistic talent, are capable of immense creativity. Creativity is often problem solving, i.e. looking for a solution to a problem when no solution is immediately evident. Consider the complexity of God’s creation. You have all these huge objects hurtling through space at outrageous rates of speed, yet all remaining in orbits with no visible means of support. It boggles the mind, and yet God created it to work flawlessly for eons. It is that same God who has endowed us with the Holy Spirit, the creative power of the universe indwelling us. In addition, He has gifted us with various gifts and talents to be used to bring about the changes He desires as part of His sovereign will. 

Even the way God chooses to interact with us is creative. Consider this from Michael Card’s Scribbling in the Sand. “…When God speaks it is so often in a vision, a parable, a metaphor or a song. These are ready vehicles for the imagination. What we have called the devotional life is nothing more or less than the process of listening to God through all the various means He has chosen to use in speaking to us: the Word, prayer, life. The course for our creativity is the overflow of the heart, the result of our devotional life. In the call to be creative, a call that goes out all God’s children, we sense a call to listen to Him and, in childlike naïveté, to imitate our Father by creating works that will magnify His praise.”1 It is for this reason that living out the call to Christian creativity must begin with prayer, listening to God. We have been called to create. The question is are we listening to the call?