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Wisdom From Daniel Pink

Posted: January 7, 2022 in Uncategorized

Author of A Whole New Mind and Drive, Daniel Pink, took to Facebook the other day with a meme that just really struck me. It said:

“Consistency beats intensity. Showing up beats showing off.”

I could not agree more. So often, especially in the world of creativity, people are always going for the big hit. The thing is big hits often become flashes in the pan. I’d rather be the person who shows up every day and does the work. Consistently creating without burning out, putting out good quality work over and over again. Would I love a hit? Sure I would, but I find the odds of reaching that level of success are probably much improved by consistently putting out good work, scratch that, may best work. There’s a name for that. It’s called faithfulness.

Then we get to the element of showing up versus showing off. My thought is showing off is not a great idea, especially for Christians. Our lives are not really supposed to be about “Hey look at me!” or “Look how great I am!” or even “Look how great my work is!” Rather it is about faithfully doing what we are created to do and pointing the accolades to the One who created and empowered us to do it. This year, my focus is going to just be on doing the work, putting it out there and trusting God to do with it what He will. How about you?