Busyness Versus Fruitfulness

Posted: December 29, 2021 in Uncategorized

This year has been busy. In addition to the work of pastoral ministry, I have been doing a lot of creating. It has kept me really busy and overall I have enjoyed everything a great deal… but, lately I’ve been asking myself a question. Have I been fruitful? Has the work that I have been doing really advanced the Kingdom or even helped me make way to my goals? The truth is I am not sure how to answer that. 

I think back to the old days, when I was applying for a lot of art and freelance jobs. This was in the days when most people didn’t have the internet, I would arrive at the office of a prospective employer with a huge portfolio filled with all my best work. I didn’t have an art degree so that portfolio really had to sing. I had a lot in there. Sometimes I got the job, most of the time I didn’t and when I didn’t I wondered why. Most of the time I’m pretty sure it came down to one thing. I showed them my best work, but I didn’t have the right work. What I did didn’t relate to what the company did. 

I’ve often wondered if standing before the Lord will be kind of like that. Oh I believe with all my heart that I am saved because of what Jesus did for me on the cross, but I also know there is a judgment seat for believers that deals with reward. When I stand before my redeemer with the portfolio of my life, will it reflect the right work? There is no doubt I will have done a lot of work. The question is will it be the right work? Will I have been fruitful in ways that matter to the Kingdom? Will what I am doing right now matter into eternity? This is my question and it is also my goal. In the coming year, I believe my output will be different. 

From the perspective of this blog, that begs a question. What would you like to see from this blog dear reader? How can I help or resource or encourage you? How can this blog bear the most fruit for you? 

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