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Your Questions Answered…

Posted: December 21, 2021 in Uncategorized

I posted a question to my social media asking for questions about creative ministry and my friend Linda Stoner responded. I have ministered at the church she and her husband pastor several times. Here is here question.

“You always give such an inspirational verbal message in addition to your artistic presentation. Is it difficult to concentrate on the crux of the message and keep your artwork perfected the way you do?”

Well let’s start here. for me the message is first and foremost. If that connects, the most important thing has happened. I always feel the art is a tool in support of the message and not the other way around. I want the art to draw people into the message, no pun intended. As to the perfected art work. I try not to even think about that, the reason being as fast as I am going when I paint, it can get really messy in the interim period, and in truth there have been times where I really feel like paintings have never completely come around. I can tend to be my own worst critic when it comes to art. I really try to make the best art I possibly can but I try not to focus too much on it, or it will distract me from the main point, the message. I love it when it all comes together but the message has to be first.

Thanks Linda and John for having me to your church. It’s always great to be with you and I would love to get there again some time soon.