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In yesterday’s post, I shared about one of my favorite songs by the band Styx—a song from their Grand Illusion Album called Superstars (click the title if you are not familiar with the song.) 

My favorite line from the whole song is “…Don’t think I can’t hear you calling’ from the shadow of the 14th row, cause I’ve had the same dreams you have just a few short years ago.” This concept is so important to creative arts ministry. No I am not saying we are superstars, or that we have legions of fans. What I am saying is we should all be looking for the people who don’t think they fit and/or that there is no room for their gift in the local church. Instead we need to get out there to the people and show them that their gifts and talents are God’s gifts to them and that He intends for those gifts to be used to glorify Him. This much I can be sure of, if you have a God-given gift (and I am pretty convinced that everyone does have one whether they know it or not. If we have been given a gift from God, and again I believe everyone has been given at least one, then He has given that gift for the purpose of bringing Hm glory. Maybe we should be like person in the Styx song. No I’m not saying we should try to be superstars, but when we arrive at the place where God reveals how we can use our gifts to serve Him, we should then also start to look for someone (maybe with a similar gifting to yours) who is looking for a place to fit, and show them the possibilities. You never know How God will use what He has put into you.