Book Review: Church Pews, Potlucks and a Tank of Gas by Chuck Neighbors

Posted: December 4, 2021 in Uncategorized

In truth this is not a complete review, because I have not yet finished the book, but it is already resonating with me. Chuck Neighbors is an actor who has made his living for decades ministering with his art primarily in churches. As you might have guessed when I saw the premise of this book, my ears perked up and I got more than a little excited. He speaks of many of the mechanics of making a living in arts ministry, and while many of his examples are personal, and from the world of acting, there are implications of his information are nearly universal to people in arts ministry. He handles these things with humor and tact of a seasoned arts minister. I am so excited that someone has finally written a book own this topic, that I decided to post an early review in hopes that some of my readers might be helped and blessed. So far what I can say is, in a five star world this is a seven star book. Pick it up.

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