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“Little” Things

Posted: November 26, 2021 in Uncategorized

One night this week, I sat in one an online event called Story Share with Jessie Nilo from God Loves Art. One of the women shared the story of sending a card to someone who had just suffered a great loss. In the card, she included a small painting in with the card. The person who received it thanked her for that piece and told her how much in meant to her in her time of great need. She commented how the piece was small and not unlike all the big stuff some of us do. Respectfully, she may have been looking at it wrong. The piece may have been small in dimension but it’s meaning was huge. That’s the thing with what we do for God. It may look small, but in God’s hands little things take on bigger meaning.

Consider Jesus. He could have come as a conquering king. He could have come with power radiating from Him in all directions. He is the maker of the biggest things there are, but that’s not how He came. No He came as a baby. He came small, almost unnoticeably so, but His impact was huge, or consider the times He fed multitudes with a very small amount. It’s probably best for us not to even really consider the size of what we do for the Lord. Instead we should just follow the leading of the Spirit, make what we feel led to make, or do what we feel the Lord calling us to do and trust Him with the impact. What my new friend did may have been small in size, but it was done with great love and that makes all the difference.

Be faithful in the “little” things, and do then with great love. We serve a big God. He was capable of making a universe out of nothing. Imagine what He can do with you and your work.