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Lauren Daigle and Art

Posted: November 9, 2021 in Uncategorized

If you’ve spent any time listening to Christian radio over the last ten years or so, you’ve no doubt heard the name Lauren Daigle. She is a brilliant singer, who has been favorably compared to Adele. Her voice is fabulous and her songs are just as good. They are thought provoking, inspirational and full of faith. Well I saw a meme posted this week. of a note she left at a venue where she performed. It said, “I tried out for American Idol here in 2009 and was told “NO!” Today I just headlined the Smoothie King Center! Just want to encourage you to keep dreaming, they do come true. Lauren Daigle”

This is what we artists need to remember. When you exercise your talent, some will get it and some will not. I think this woman is one of the best vocalists of this century. Take your art, put it out there for the world to see. The ones who love it are your audience.

I find it disturbing that there is so much emphasis on reality singing competitions. Yes they’ve given us some really big stars and that is a good thing, I suppose, but a lot of that puts you at the mercy of the opinions of others. Think of how many monumental artists would have been able to get past those gatekeepers. How much great music and art would we have lost if art was created based on a popularity contest? Would we have Dylan, or the Stones or Rush, or Picasso or Van Gogh or Pollock or Warhol? My guess is no we would most likely not. So why do they have those artists? Because they did the work. They did work that was authentic and true to who they were and put themselves out there, saying loud and proud, “This is my art.” You don’t need everyone to love your work. Work that everyone likes is usually so vanilla that no one truly loves it and it doesn’t satisfy the artist either. It’s far better to make work you love and find others who love it too. Then, when you find them, love and appreciate them and keep providing them with work that rewards their love.