I Just Have to Do One More Thing…

Posted: October 26, 2021 in Uncategorized

My wife has said more than once that this will be my epitaph. I would not be surprised that if I am allowed to look back from the great beyond that I will see it on my tombstone. There are worse things I suppose, but here’s the truth. I doubt the pressure to accomplish everything I am setting out to do is coming from God and that really is a problem, In truth I am writing this after a post I just wrote on insomnia which I finished with I’m going to try to sleep and I am writing this post because I realized I missed a couple of posts this week. I don’t know if you missed those posts or not, but it bothered me so much that I did not reach my goal that I felt like I just had to do one more thing. Hopefully this post will do something more than just fill some OCD need in me. Hopefully it will help you to see my madness and choose something better, At the end of the day, I know God doesn’t want any of us to work ourselves into an early grave. If you’re doing that, pray for a way to stop it and pray I find one too.

You really don’t have to do one more thing. All you need to do is what God has given you to do. Anything beyond faithfulness is obsession.

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