The Creative Call, Noah and Obedience

Posted: October 16, 2021 in Uncategorized

Musician Michael Card wrote a wonderful book called Scribbling in the Sand, about our lives as Christian creatives. In his chapter on the creative call, Michael Card had this to say about Noah.

“The lesson for us to learn from Noah (which we will see even more powerfully demonstrated in the life of Jesus) for the sake of our own involvement in the creative process is that bound up with the creative mandate must be the notion of obedience. Genesis 6:22 tells us Noah did everything just as God had commanded. Beyond his abilities, his imagination, his common sense and probably his resources, we must see that it was the command of God that made the saving ark a reality. The command of God met the obedience of Noah and the result was salvation. Sound familiar?

Indeed the command of God makes everything possible. As descendants of Noah, our very existence today demonstrates the truth of it. The command was met with costly obedience.”

Mr. Card nailed it to be sure. Lots of people have creative abilities, but creativity brought on and empowered by the Lord in obedience to Him, cannot help but do great things. This is a great, highly recommended book, by the way.

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