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Introducing AMOKFilms

Posted: September 28, 2021 in Uncategorized

Around the time COVID kicked up, I began recording my weekly sermon. In a choice that may have been wrong, I started posting them all to the AMOKArts YouTube channel. The problem being I had a lot of creative arts videos posted to that channel and they started to get buried by my sermons. For this reason I have established a Facebook page where I have posted and will continue to post all my creative arts videos. In this way people can find what they are looking for. It’s funny, but in the 13 years that I have been creating art videos, my work has improved dramatically. My eventual hope is to create other teaching resources to go along with them. I may also start a new AMOKFilms YouTube channel, but for now please see the Facebook page for links to my videos. Please consider following the page and sharing it with others who might be able to use what I have been creating. I am allowing anyone to use my work for ministry purposes, and am considering placing a link where people can “tip” to provide for future video creation.

Here’s a sample from the archives.