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This is what we tell our kids, right? We tell them this so they’ll try harder to reach their goals, and there is some truth to the statement. There is also some falsehood to it. Here is the truth, we can do anything we have been gifted by God to do, and we can do more than that, if God desires for us to be able to do it. Let’s face it God has empowered people throughout history to do things that there is no way they could have done on their own. God has empowered many people to do miraculous things. However, by and large, in the natural world of every day life, we can’t do anything and everything. Try as I might, as an older man, (57) who is only 5’10 inches tall and somewhat overweight, I will never be able to dunk over Lebron James. Even if I could somehow train my body to where I could get above the rim enough to get the ball through the hoop, doing that while an NBA legend tries to stop me still exceeds the realm of normal possibility. I could put my mind to it, but the injuries, not to mention the out and out futility of it all makes me realize, putting my mind to that is a wasted effort. Now I know one might argue that if God wanted it to happen He could make it happen, and I do agree with that, but I don’t think I’m going to prepare for that eventuality, rather I will trust God for the miraculous and work toward something that is more likely to be God’s will for me.

What we should be doing instead of telling kids they can do anything they put their mind to, is to help them find their God-given gifts and talents and help them to work toward being what they are designed to be. That way rather than the frustration of trying to be something that is outside the will of God for them, they can find their divine purpose and move into being what they were created to be. The Bible says “Train up a child in the way he should go and when He is old and He will not depart from it.” I do believe this applies to their spiritual walk, but I have also heard this verse can also be interpreted, “Train up a child in the way He is bent…” i.e., gifted. So let’s help people find their God given gifts and talents and show them how to put them to use. After all, if God has wired us to be good at something it only stands to reason that we will actually be good at it and if we are good at it, there is a better chance that we will find joy in it. Instead of telling people they can do whatever they put their mind to, let’s tell them their most complete life will be found in living out God’s purpose, by developing the way God has gifted them.