What Is a Disciple?

Posted: September 13, 2021 in Uncategorized

When you think of a disciple, you probably think

Of a biblical hero who never would shrink,

From testing or trouble or any trial.

But if you think they were perfect, you’re off by a mile

You probably think of twelve men living so long ago.

But it’s more than that as you probably should know.

A disciple is a student whose studies complete

As he sits and he learns at his master’s feet. 

Some rabbis chose the brightest right from the start,

But man looks at the outward appearance. God looks at the heart. 

There are many qualities that make a disciple

Disciples believe and follow the Bible.

A disciple is kind to a sister or brother

A disciple is known by how they love one another. 

Disciples should be honest, faithful and wise,

And they see other people with love in their eyes. 

Disciples live with a hope and faith that is rare.

Disciples believe in the power of prayer. 

Disciples follow Jesus as they travel this sod.

Disciples try to live to glorify God. 

What most of the world values, disciples see as loss.

Compared to knowing Jesus and His death on the cross. 

Disciples show the world God’s love and His plan

And spread the good news that God came as a man. 

He loved and He taught and perfectly lived

And laid down His life, our sins to forgive. 

He died, rose again and ascended to heaven.

Through faith in Him we can all be forgiven.

They love and appreciate their Lord’s sacrifice.

They’re fully devoted followers of Christ. 

Peter James and John were disciples it’s true,

But if you are in Christ, a disciple is you. 

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