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I’m working on a few graphics for an upcoming video course and I have decided that at least part of it will deal with failure. The reason for this is really simple. If we are going to be involved in creative ministry, sooner or later, we will deal with failure, at least as our minds comprehend it. When we try something new, we will fail. It’s inevitable. As a matter of fact, I would go so far as to say it’s necessary. Rather than treating failure as something fearsome, we should take the scientific view, where we realize we don’t know what we don’t know, so when we have a struggle or a failure, we need to look at what we learned from the failure, make improvements and try again. This is especially important for church leaders. Churches can have a low tolerance for failure, and so if we are entrusting our people with trying new things we may also need to run interference for them as they struggle to find their niche. For artists we need to accept the fact that not everything we do is going to be a hit the first time we try it, and treat failure as a learning experience. Basically we need to learn to spur each other on while we find our way. Let’s face it, Nothing we do in service to the Lord and in obedience is truly failure. We simply need to pray, trust and obey.