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Before I start, I want to make a few statements. I don’t know Jeff Bezos. I don’t know much about him, how he conducts his life, his views on faith, his morals or anything of the kind, but then this post isn’t really about him, it’s about you and me. Recently Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and the world’s richest man went into space on a rocket his company developed and ostensibly paid for, and it wasn’t long before the social media critiques began.

Here’s the thing. Jeff Bezos is no more special than you or me, except for one thing. There were probably a lot of people who could have come up with the idea to create an online book store. Bezos laid it on the line, risked his resources and did the work. He continued to do the work, take the risks, and the business expanded and grew to the point where now as I understand it, he is on track to be the world’s first trillionaire. He didn’t steal his wealth, He took high risks, and received high rewards. A lot of people could have probably done it, and no doubt a few tried, but one succeeded. I’ll say it again, high risk, high reward.

Now he has gone into space, and the critics are running amok. But here’s the thing, once again Bezos took the risk. Sure he’s really really rich and he got to enjoy a space flight, something most of us will likely never get to do. (For the record, I’m not sure I would if I could.), but he could just as easily have been blown to smithereens in a failed attempt. Once again high risk, literally high reward.

My favorite critique is “All that money could have been used to help the poor.” That argument has been thrown around at least since a sinful woman anointed Jesus with very expensive perfume. The money was Bezos’ to do with as he wanted. I don’t know what, if anything, Bezos does to help the poor, besides providing a boatload of jobs, which he does, but that’s not up to us either. What is up to us is what we do to serve the poor, or whoever we feel called to. I know some will want to cry out, but I don’t have a trillion dollars. That argument too is a crock, because if you want to see what you would do if you had a lot, start to look at what you are doing right now with what you have.

Bottom line, one day we will all stand before the righteous judge, and when you get to that place, unless you are Jeff Bezos, you won’t be asked to comment on Jeff Bezos, you will be asked what you did with what you had. Bezos took what he had and put it to work. He took a risk, it could have blown up in his face, but he did it anyway and reaped a huge reward. What are you doing with what you have? Are you taking risks, or are you playing it safe and whining when the those who risk get their rewards?

If you want to fly, you. must first decide to leave the ground.