Archive for July 21, 2021

To be truthful, there is one big reason for it. There are things that I want to do that may require more money than I have on hand, but there’s more. What I’ve come to see is we are living in a world where content creators can accumulate quite a bit of wealth, but it’s not really the wealth that I want. Rather I have several dear friends who work with ministries that require them raise their own support. They have really wonderful wisdom and skills that are really needed in the church and the world beyond. Unfortunately, the reality of their lives is they have to spend a great deal of time raising funds, when they could be working in their gifting. The thing is ministry people are already by nature content creators. It’s what we do, so why couldn’t we, rather than raising support, figure out how to monetize our skill sets, putting our skills and knowledge to work, through creating information products that will help other people to grow in their faith and their skills and in their calling, while simultaneously obeying the great commission and helping God’s church.

This is what I envision. I’ll be creating several side projects in my spare time and my intent is to try to turn them into passive income, and once I have successfully figured that out, I want to teach others to do the same thing, so that they will be able to devote more of their time to working in their calling. Believe me when I tell you, I am not what you would call money hungry. Rather I am seeing some needs and trying to meet them with practical steps that will benefit everyone. Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but I’d much rather sell you something that will be genuinely useful to you and may even help you learn something that will provide you with a benefit, rather than just asking for a donation.

To anyone who is currently living by the missionary model, I love you, and you are truly doing the Lord’s work. I’m just trying to create a better model that could in fact help you to spend more time in your gifting and growing in it, while simultaneously helping you to bless other people and ministries, by using your skills to help them go beyond what they currently believe to be possible.