Posted: July 4, 2021 in Uncategorized

It’s July Fourth, Independence Day. The day we celebrate our independence. For our country this is a wonderful thing. In people, it’s kind of a crock. Oh, don’t get we wrong, I value freedom and all that come with it, but that’t not what I mean. The fact of the matter is none of us is truly independent.

First of all we are all totally and completely dependent on God. We would not last a fraction of a second without all that He provides from the air that we breathe on down. We are totally dependent on God and we would be a better nation if we would just acknowledge that.

Secondly, none of us is thoroughly independent even among our fellow humans. After all, even the most self sufficient people among us, will sooner or later have the need for something that has been produced by someone else. I am convinced this is by design. You see, I believe we were created to be in relationship with other people. It; is a symbiotic relationship. We are not independent, we are interdependent. We need each other and that’s okay.

Paul likened the church to a body—the body of Christ. In this analogy, the parts of the body (you and me) have functions we do well, functions we do poorly and things we can’t do at all. When we come together and bring our best gifts and strengths to the table, the increase is exponential.

So this Independence Day, thank the One on whom this all depends, and be thankful for all the people who do the things that make you able to live and to do what you do best. Thank Him for our independence and be grateful for all He provides.

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