How Would You Express Biblical Creation?

Posted: June 16, 2021 in Uncategorized

I’ll share a few examples. I once did an online cartoon to show why I believe there is a creator. The character is actually denying he has a creator while the creator’s hand (mine) is still in view and finishing the work. The point of this piece is, if something as simple as a cartoon has a creator, perhaps it is at least worth considering that something as complex as you and me might also have one. I created this to share on social media (one of the areas where I feel called) as a way of at least getting people to consider their creator.

From time to time, I think I am going to post these as a sort of creative ministry prompt. So let’s start at the beginning. How would you express the biblical account of creation, creatively? Think about your ministry context or the ministry context you would like to have. How would you use your creative gifts to make it clear? What points would you feel led to touch on?

When it comes to a worship context, one of the things I love to do is to share about the vastness of creation. I did some research and created some unusual examples. One such example is to speak about how the earth is 93 million miles away from the sun. To illustrate how far that is, I have the people imagine someone built a bridge from the earth to the sun. Were you to get on that bridge and drive 100 miles per hour all day, every day, all the time, it would take you 107 years to get to the sun. I then speak to the idea that the earth is not stationary, but rather it is revolving around the sun at 64,000 miles an hour and it takes a whole year to make one trip. In that one year even if you sat motionless, you would have traveled about 546 million miles. I then remind the people that the sun is not stationary either and that it is traveling around the galaxy at 515,000 miles and hour and that it is estimated that one lap around that galaxy, at that speed, would take around 230 million years. Add to that the fact that some scientists estimate that there are hundreds of billions of galaxies, and you get an idea how huge this creation is, but in the midst of all that, God knows your name.

In a teaching environment, I take the students outside, and have then select something small from nature, a flower, a leaf, a rock, etc. and have them create an extreme close up painting of the piece, looking at the tiny details. I then speak to the idea of the amazing amount of thought that goes into even a tiny part of just one of God’s creation as a way of reminding the students that if there is a design, there is a designer.

One of my favorite things to do is to create an image of one of God’s amazing and interesting creatures. I then break down the six days of creation and tell about some of the amazing features of each day’s creation, finishing with the culmination of creation, God’s masterpiece, humanity and use that to speak of God’s amazing love.

Those are some of the ways I express creation. How would you do it?

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