I Don’t Believe…

Posted: May 24, 2021 in Uncategorized

I don’t believe politics alone can change the world,

at least not for the better.

I don’t believe most of what’s on the news.

They even sensationalize the weather.

I don’t believe the truth needs our spin.

I don’t believe we can redefine sin.

I don’t believe in macro-evolution.

Making us unplanned, naked apes is hardly a solution.

I don’t believe every word I hear spoken.

I don’t believe alone we can fix what’s broken.

I don’t believe people are basically good.

Even the best people don’t do as they should.

I don’t believe that wrong is right.

I hope that soon we’ll see the light.

We’re broken and sinful, when left alone

and we can’t fix that on our own.

I do believe in Jesus Christ,

who came to be our sacrifice.

Through faith in Him we can be set free.

Through Him heaven is our destiny.

What we need for survival,

is a worldwide revival,

and a return to the teachings of the Bible.

I believe in this world who we need the most

is Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

I do believe in God above.

and that all hope is found in His perfect love.

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