Typos and Sin

Posted: May 10, 2021 in Uncategorized

So I was having a conversation with a good friend, and we came upon the subject of typos. We had talked about a few unfortunate ones we had seen over the years. I mentioned a time when typos were a matter of infinite stress for me. There were times where a typo could ruin my whole day and crush my self-esteem. I spoke to how I have now come to the point of realizing I will never put anyone including myself through that kind of stress. Accidents happen and mistakes are made and typos are not the end of the world. We have to learn from them and move on.

I started telling him how I can find a typo in other people’s stuff really easily, but I can’t find my own to save my life. Then I had a revelation. That’s how sin works. It’s really easy to see yours and it’s really hard to find mine. This may have been why Jesus cautioned us to take the plank out of our own eyes before we try to remove the specks for someone else. How much better would life be if before we looked at the people around us, we kept our eyes on our own paper. Maybe it’s time to lay the paper of our lives before the Great Editor and allow Him to edit out what He wants to remove from our lives.

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