Posted: April 20, 2021 in Uncategorized

We Christians live in a different world sometimes. Where the rest of the world seems to value pride, we are called to humility and this creates a major problem for artists. Because while we are supposed to live in humility, our gift requires us at least to some degree to show the world what we are creating. There is a certain amount of self-promotion required in this artistic life and that brings with it a balancing act.

Before I go any further, I want to say clearly that this is not an area where I have arrived. I struggle in this area. I truly believe that art is a gift that needs to be given. We may sell a piece to one particular patron, but that person is likely purchasing that work to put it on display, and hopefully the experience of seeing it is a gift for everyone who beholds it. That would be the goal, at least. It’s really hard to get your work out for the world to see if you don’t do some degree of self promotion.

In my speaking ministry for example, I need to let people know what I do, if I want to get the opportunity to do what I am called to do, I need to let people know. I need to do some self-promotion. Of course, the best way to do that is with humility and respect, in a way that honors God. Of course, then when you create whatever it is you get to do, you need to bring your best work to the table, because ultimately it’s not really ourselves we are promoting, it’s God. We who are called by God are called to represent Him, and we need to represent Him well. Don’t do shameless self-promotion at least the kind that you’re ashamed of. On the other hand, don’t be ashamed to promote the things that God has given you to do. There is a purpose in your gift and your calling, and often the only way to get it out for the world to see, is to share it.

More that anything else we need to honor God. Let’s make a big deal out of Him, for the world to see.

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