Book Review: Profit Wise by Jeff Morrill

Posted: April 13, 2021 in Uncategorized

What do a pastor and a millionaire car dealer have in common? It turns out more than you think. I received an email offering a review copy of this book and decided the premise sounded interesting. While I earn the majority of my living as a pastor, I am also an intolerant speaker and one of my passions is helping churches and church leaders to embrace creativity. As such I have found that many business books have applicable principles that I can use in what I do. In Profit Wise, Jeff Morrill, has written a book that is not only great for business, but it contains many principles that can help anyone live a successful life.

In this short book, Morrill takes his readers on a journey through many aspects of running a successful business—things like hiring, negotiation, marketing, solving problems and more and applies solid ethical principles to them. In some ways this book feels almost like what would happen if people applied the Golden Rule to business. Morrill uses many personal experiences to illustrate how his principles work. His writing is well thought out and clear, written that anyone can apply these principles, and while much of his experience is in the automotive industry, these principles are clearly applicable to anyone, in any business, and even beyond the world of business. I am grateful to have read this book and look forward to applying what I learned in its pages to my own pursuits. Read this book.

One other thing. Each of this book’s chapters includes links to online resources that help the readers to apply the principles. I highly recommend checking these out as well.

For more on the book and the author, check out these links.

Profit Wise – Jeff Morrill

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