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Palm Sunday Message

Posted: March 31, 2021 in Uncategorized

I decided to share the video for my Palm Sunday Message today. There was something I saw in preparing this message that I don’t think I ever noticed before. Did you ever wonder how the people went from “Hosanna” on Sunday to “Crucify” on Friday. I think it all has to do with expectations. When the people thought Jesus was going to rise up against Rome and make them happy and prosperous, they shouted “Hosanna!” When they realized He was going to do what Scripture said He would do, their cry became “Crucify!” I believe this still happens with some people at “conversion.” They seem to think coming to Christ is the easy way to an easy life, and when they discover the truth that following Jesus is no guarantee of ease and material prosperity, they fall away. The people went from Hosanna to crucify because they didn’t know Jesus as He is expressed in God’s Word. How well do we know Jesus as He is expressed in God’s Word?