Archive for March 30, 2021

Over at my Facebook Page The Daily Creative, I’ve been giving people creative encouragement to begin working on a book. Did you know the average non-fiction book comes in at around 50,000 words? That may seem like a huge undertaking, and it intimidates many, but if you write just 500 words a day, about the length of a normal blog post, you can have a good first draft of a book in just over three months. Here’s a challenge to get your thoughts moving in the right direction.

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. “They” are wrong. Oh it’s a good sentiment and it works with people, but with books, unless you’re a famous author (and if you are they are going by your name, which I might point out is on the cover) the cover is what sells your book. Illustration and design are important, but before you even get to that step, you need a compelling title. This also applies to things like blog posts and more. So the project today, even if you’re not working on a book is to think up a topic and create ten compelling titles that would get you to read further.