The Next Billy

Posted: March 28, 2021 in Uncategorized

I bought a new van in October. It came with a free year of Sirius XM radio. One day while I was seeking a station, I stumbled on the Billy Graham Channel. Wall to wall 24 hours a day of messages from America’s Pastor Billy Graham. I have to admit, I am pretty hooked. This man could preach. He spoke with power and authority and he shared the Gospel completely unashamed. Some of these messages from his radio program, but many of them are recordings from stadiums all over the world, there thousands came each night of the crusades, sometimes for weeks on end to hear the Gospel and multitudes came to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. Every time I hear those first strains of Just As I Am (the bumper between the programs) it chokes me up a little. And it makes me wonder, who will be the next Billy.

It’s about now that I hear the naysayers. “That was for another time. It wouldn’t work today.” I think that’s a crock. I think there is still room for the Gospel and the fact that people are no longer receptive to the Gospel (if that is the case, and I, for one, reject that), is reflective of the great commission becoming the great omission. Somewhere out there is a leader who will rise and take the mantel. Somewhere out there is someone who will go to the highways, and even the arenas. The time cannot have passed for this. The Gospel is more needed than ever. Yes I know it appears we live in the time when people will not tolerate sound doctrine, and perhaps that is even the case, but among them are multitudes who are wandering around lost and looking for hope, and that hope is still located where it has always been, in Jesus Christ. Who will go to them? Who will speak the truth to this next generation. Listen to Billy some time. Oh he’s fiery and powerful but if you listen to what He says. It’s not overcomplicated. It’s one message, and it’s the simple truth. Come to Jesus and be saved. Someone needs to fill the role. Is it you?

Is it me? It almost feels weird to say that. It definitely smacks of a lack of humility. That’s not at all what this is. This is what happens when I see the lostness in our world. This is what happens when I see the hopelessness and the lies that are being perpetrated against humanity. Someone needs to bring the simple truth.  Don’t get caught up in the bigness of it all, God controls that. Just be faithful every day and speak God’s truth in His love. Who is the next Billy? Who knows? Oh wait, God does. Maybe we should make this our prayer. Lord please send him and in the mean time use me wherever you put me. Help me to share the love of Jesus with as many as you would have me reach. Work on my heart and give me a vision of heaven and a burden for all those who will never see it unless they hear your Gospel.  

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