Going Viral

Posted: March 17, 2021 in Uncategorized

Here we are, coming out of (hopefully) a global pandemic. Think about what happened. We’ll leave the conspiracy theories behind and just deal with what we know to be true. Somewhere in our world was a person who contracted this disease. Where did it come from? We don’t know, but somehow this poor soul became patient zero. From him or her, it spread. One person infects another, who infects another, and on down the line until the whole world is cowering in fear.

Positivity can function the same. Somewhere in our world someone looks at all that we face and finds a ray of hope. They communicate that to another person, who communicates it to another person and before long positivity is “going viral.” Going viral is just another word for exponential spread. It’s like the old saying would you rather have a million dollars or receive a penny on the first day of the month and double what you have each day. The first instinct is to go for the million because, “What’s a penny?” If you took the penny deal, on the last day of your 31 day month you would earn $10,737,418.24 and don’t forget you would also have each day’s wages as well. That’s exponential growth. It starts small. The first few weeks of the penny deal bring pretty meager earnings but once it breaks loose, there is a huge return. Spreading positivity is the same. My prayer is Lord make me that person. Let me find hope in the midst of difficulty and help me to spread it around. Let me be patient zero for the positivity virus.

Remember even COVID was not without its benefits. It was terrible and the cost was high in many ways, but it also forced us to learn new skills that have the potential to reap great benefits in the years to come. One of those is that many of us have learned to master new technology that could really help a lot more people to become spreaders of positivity. The big question for us now is what will we focus on.

I reminds me of the old Native American tale, where a grandfather was teaching his grandson a valuable life lesson. He spoke of the fact that each of us has two wolves inside of us. One is noble and good the other is harsh and evil. (Think Mufasa and Scar, but wolves). These two wolves are in a constant battle for control of our lives. The younger man asked, “Which one will win?” The old man replied, “The one you feed.” Let’s feed the good wolf. Let’s spread good news and of course let’s spread The Good News most of all, because that news reaps an eternal benefit.

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