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What Are You Making?

Posted: March 15, 2021 in Uncategorized

From time to time I want us to remember that a key part of this blog/ministry is people making stuff. It’s really easy to get caught up in all that is going on around us and it is really easy to get blocked as a result. Please remember, God has given us creative gifts at least in part so we will create things, find creative solutions to problems and frankly sometimes just to bring a little joy into the world. So again I ask, what are you making? 

I have a couple of things in motion. After having been pretty lax on this blog over the last year, which I confess as mainly due to frustration and aggravation because of COVID, politics, etc. I am redoubling my efforts to continue to post things that are hopefully meaningful and hopeful. Yes folks I was creatively blocked and the truth is, it was because I was allowing my focus to be consumed by the things that are out of my control. I can’t always fix the big stuff in our world, but I can always create a word of encouragement and who knows what can happen if God uses that to pull someone out of their creative block? 

I’ve also been trying to create some more new art. A lot of it is focused on connecting with more people in the art world, because I feel a need to have more of a presence in that world. If you will remember a big part of the focus of this ministry is helping connect creatives to the church. In order for that to happen I need to be in touch with more creative people in the art world. I’m currently doing a daily challenge with some friends in Croatia and I’ve also done a lot of work in the Low Brow Art/Kustom Kulture world and creating decorations for my son’s pre-K classroom. 

Of course there is my day to day work with the church. I have to have a message to preach every week and as I am trying to do more to connect with the people who are still not back to in-person worship, my deadlines are getting earlier and earlier. I am also trying to make sure to keep that as creative as possible. 

Lastly, I have a long term extended project in the works that some day will be a course in creative ministry and the related text book. I am doing a lot of reading and studying to that end as well. 

I do not say any of this to be boastful. The Lord has been faithful to keep me supplied with ideas and I am trying to be faithful in executing those while remembering family and ministry obligations and more. The point of all of this is to remind you, that there are things we can’t do a whole lot about. We need to lift those things up to the Lord in prayer, and continue on in the areas where we can contribute. If you have creative gifts, trust that God gave them to you on purpose and realize that it is likely that you were created to create. Do what you do to the glory of God and trust Him with everything. He is faithful. 

What are you making?