What Should I Share? A Poetic Prayer

Posted: February 27, 2021 in Uncategorized

Lord what should I share,
What can I post about which they’ll care.
Lord thanks for the readers,
May they be creative leaders,
Lord use me to bless them that is my prayer.

Lord give them creative ideas by the score
Give them opportunities
Yes opportunities galore.
Help them to be humble
And excellent too.
Lord give them the strength to glorify you.

Lord help them to be artists
With hearts for your Word.
Help them to act on what from you they’ve heard.
Let them ignore the critics
Who say they’re not enough
And the critic inside
Who is often most tough.

Help them to remember it all comes from You
Help them to remember what you say is true.
Help them to let go of feelings
That lead us astray
Help them to know they are what you say.

A child of the King
With a gift from above,
Sent here to create things
That show others your love.
Let us create with purpose
And finish what we start
Making blessings from You
To show the world Your heart. 

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