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Self Care for the Creative

Posted: February 21, 2021 in Uncategorized

I can’t speak for you, but I gained weight over the pandemic. The gyms were closed, there was a lot more working from home and quite frankly it was just difficult psychologically. One of the things I did was lost myself in work. It helped me to keep my mind occupied and in fairness I was blessed to do some good work and ministry during this time, but there was an area I neglected, my health.

It was too easy to grab a snack, not because I was hungry, but because I was unsettled, or bored or blocked creatively and sometimes frankly just because… It became too easy

 to say I was busy and that I’d get to exercise later. At times it was even like I was saying, “What’s the point?” Here’s the point, I only get one body and when I heart it out all the work ends. Now I do believe God has my days numbered, and that all of this could be for naught, but I also know that the one thing I see as an extremely high value for God is faithfulness. One of the first things God gave humanity was dominion over creation, to subdue it and care for it. Well this one body God has given me is part of creation. I believe this means He wants me to care for it. Up until the resurrection of the body, this is the only body I will ever have. This is the one that will help me to accomplish all that God has in store for me, and I need to use it wisely—a lot more wisely than I have been. 

Exercise and eating better is all part of this, but there’s more. I have lived this creative life long enough to know that burying myself in my work is a short cut to the danger zone. Before long I will be taking to my art table or my lap top, what I should be taking to the Lord. Spiritual disciplines are incredibly important to self care and it’s important that these things don’t just become another accomplishment I can shock off my list. (Is anyone else feeling convicted?) Prayer and Bible study, among the other “disciplines” are more than just something to be done, they are a connection with the source of my power. More than that they are my time of connecting with the One I’m supposed to love the most. 

Look accomplishment is a great thing. Getting things done and finishing what you start are really important. One could even argue they are part of faithfulness to God and His call, but why are we called? I would say it’s to be in relationship with God. So if I am doing all the doing at the expense of the relationship, not to mention my own health, I’m missing the point. The Westminster Shorter Catechism has some words that are very appropriate here. The chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. Self care is taking care of what God has given me and acknowledging that it is God who does the real work. I can’t afford to fall into the place where I feel like it all depends on us. I need to learn to depend on God. How about you?

If you feel the need to fight me on this, take care, you may be heading for tough space. 

Take care.