Learning Skills Through Real World Projects

Posted: February 7, 2021 in Uncategorized

I’d like to introduce you to The Glue Bomb Show. What is the Glue Bomb Show? It’s a little side project I do about one of my hobbies, Plastic Model Building. Here’s what happened. I really like to build models. It’s probably my primary diversion and I always have at least one project going. It’s a great way to overcome creative block. I started joining a bunch of model building groups on Facebook to connect with other builders, learn tips and tricks and find out about new kits coming out. It’s fun to read about the hobby and, frankly, if enough people are posting, I don’t see as much of the political nonsense. It’s a win-win, but there was something that was disturbing to me. I would see these people who talked about giving up building because their work didn’t compare to what some of the folks can do. That was heart breaking in a way. I thought this was supposed to be a hobby.

In the mean time, I was also trying to master making sermon videos and assembling online worship services for the folks from my church who were staying away from church due to COVID. The schedule on getting these together is pretty tight and there was not a lot of room for playing around with the software to make them better. I needed a real world project to help me to learn new video skills and that was the birth of The Glue Bomb Show. You see a glue bomb is a slang term for a model that was a mess. Now of course, I try not to build glue bombs, but neither am I hyper stressed about it. The slogan of the show is “Model building is supposed to be fun.”

The Glue Bomb Show is where I do my experimenting. I try new things, do editing experiments, play with audio techniques and perfect my “on-camera” skills. The videos are short, low pressure pieces. They’re not overly polished they are just a fun way to share some things I really enjoyed learning and they are making my other recordings better. I have a small but faithful audience and I am learning a lot. I’m also in the process of developing a video course on creative ministry and I have no doubt these skills will transfer there as well.

Real world projects are a great way to learn, because you actually share them with the world. They are low pressure, but you can really hone your skills, make new friends and even help people in the process. Who knows you might even find a new way to minister.

What are you doing right now that could benefit from a real world project.

See The Glue Bomb Show here.

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