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Art for a Cause

Posted: February 3, 2021 in Uncategorized

A lot of the art I have been making recently has been either work for my Power Point presentations at church or some sort of wild, low brow cartoony stuff that is just sort of creative jamming, keeping my skills sharp and having fun. I’ve been enjoying all of it. The Power Point graphics are designed to help people to understand what I am saying and the other stuff is meant to help me meet artists and keep a foot in an area where I still feel called—the art world.

Occasionally though I feel like there has to be something more. A friend suggested I do a few statement pieces. I think my art style lends itself well to communicating messages, and I have always loved the “words and pictures” aspect of the cartooning art form. The thing is I have absolutely no desire to do things that are political. I’ve seen too much of that recently and I feel like it’s been really divisive. No, if I’m going to make a statement, it’s going to be a statement for my King.

I have one today I’d like to share.

The idea came from what happened at the capitol the other week. I have my own thoughts surrounding all that happened there and what happened behind it. I also saw a lot of people lumping Christians in with that kind of behavior. I can’t stomach that. Now I know some will say Jesus was very political. I think it was more like Jesus spoke truth to power. What we must see in that exchange was that the greater heavenly power was speaking to a lesser earthly power. One thing I know for sure, politics and politicians will not solve our problems and this nation doesn’t need more politics. This world needs more of Jesus. To me it’s this simple. In a nation that elects its leaders, if we don’t like how our government looks, we have to acknowledge that it looks like the electorate. If we want to change the government the key to that kind of change is to change the hearts of the people. Washington can’t do that. There is a group of people who is here to be used to change the hearts of the people. That group is called the Church. It’s Jesus that changes hearts and we are here to represent Jesus. We don’t do that well when if we resort to doing wrong.

America needs a change of heart. We need to follow our King.

We don’t need a revolt, we need REVIVAL!