Groundhog Day

Posted: February 2, 2021 in Uncategorized

No shadow in sight!

I think it’s fitting that I am pretty sure this was my topic last year as well. It’s Groundhog Day and that leads my thoughts not to a furry little rodent but to the Bill Murray movie where he gets to repeat the day over and over again. Rest assured, I’m only repeating the topic. There is something to be said for the film though. Before it came out, the day was about a little varmint who could allegedly predict the weather based on whether or not he saw his shadow. Of course this is ridiculous. February 2 is roughly six weeks from the vernal equinox and the first day of Spring, so there are six more weeks of Winter regardless. This is beside the fact that we have no idea whether or not the groundhog saw his shadow, only whether or not we see it and the fact that the aforementioned varmint is surrounded by TV cameras from all over the world with all that lighting how could one see anything else? But I digress. The movie changed all of that. Before the movie came out, the day had nothing to do with repetition—just weather. It is a truly great work of art that can change the narrative, but make no mistake about it, changing the narrative is exactly what we are supposed to do. 

There is a world system that is on a loop of sin and the church is supposed to disrupt that loop with the Gospel. We are supposed to be used to transform the world, and those of us with creative gifts should be on the forefront of the movement. We need to be creating work that changes the narrative, and while we’re at it we need to be living lives that demonstrate a different narrative as well—God’s narrative. When all the world is looking out for number one, we need to be pointing the world to the One. When all the world is saying, “Hey look at me.” We need to be living lives and creating work that points to Jesus and says, “Hey, look at Him.” Friend if you are a Christian, and especially if you are a creative Christian, you’re here to be used by God to change hearts and minds through all that He gives us to do and be. 

So this Groundhog Day, let’s work toward breaking the cycle and living lives and creating work that points to the better way of Christ. 

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