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Seth Godin has demonstrated his marketing genius in his books, blog, etc, for many years, so it might surprise you to hear I have a marketing tip for the great guru. Mr. Godin, if you’re going to keep writing books like this, why not package it with a free highlighter? I’m joking, but only slightly as this is one of the most highlighted books I have ever read. This is Godin at his best. Short easily digestible and yet ultimately thought provoking essay/article chapters comprise the entire book. He deals with tons of ideas surrounding developing a process called the practice that allows us to thrive in our creativity and go beyond just having a ton of ideas and bringing us to actually acting on, developing and shipping those ideas. This book is a work of pure genius and I am really glad that Mr. Godin shipped it. If you have any inclination toward creativity at all, you must read this book.