Archive for March 11, 2020

To be honest with you, I’m there now. Since i started this blog nearly 8 years ago, so many thing have changed. The church I planted was nearing its end. I was a full time publication designer and part time speaker. I really believed my pastoring says were behind me for good. Here I am almost eight years later, a full time pastor and part time speaker. I even became a grandfather. I’ve ministered in almost 300 venues in 20 states and for the first time in my life I feel genuinely fulfilled in ever aspect of a life that no longer feels quite so compartmentalized. so what’s with the creative direction uncertainty?

Well I’ll tell you, I’ve written over 3000 posts since starting this blog in March 2012. These topics have covered a wide variety of topics, but I tried really hard to stay in the realm of art, ministry and especially creative ministry. Eight years later that is still my passion. The problem is I have all these posts, and I sometimes wonder, “How much more there is to say?” The other things is the back end of this site is a mess. Oh there’s a ton of content on here, but the question is how can you find it? I was listening to Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn the other day, and he was talking about compiling all his posts into downloadable topical digests in pdf format. I love that idea but I question whether or not I have the time to get it done. The other thing is, I know my readership is pretty small. Is it arrogance to think that you dear reader have already read everything i have to say? Would I be better off just leaving the back end alone and just coming up with topics and starting from scratch? Would I be better off going to more Youtube videos or maybe creating a podcast or is there a way to combine it all into some more effective vehicles? Would I be better off slowing down on this stuff and building up the practical application side of this at my church and in my traveling ministry for a while? What it all comes down to is, given there are only so many hours in a day, how can I use my limited time for maximum kingdom impact. Even as I write that, I realize I just touched on something huge. While I may not know all the details, I know my heart is to maximize kingdom impact.

Truth be known, I still have plenty of fire in my belly for this mission, and it’s a fairly sizable belly. I know that there is still a lot of work to be done here and while I appreciate all of you who read this blog faithfully, I also know I am only scratching the surface on people and churches that could really use what I’m working on here. Churches aligning their creativity and imagination with the heart of God and creatively expanding their Kingdom impact. A few things come to mind. First my motto has long been start by doing the best you can with what you have. so I will start with you faithful reader. I love you and I so appreciate your time. How can I serve you?

Secondly, if you’re unsure of your creative direction, there one thing I can tell you. While you’re trying to figure out what to do, start doing something. Pray and take the first step in faith.

Let’s work together. Imagine the possibilities.