This year I am making an effort to get to know more people in the community. Well I found a writer’s group in the area, and I decided to go. It was really good. We did a project where we let works of art inspire poetry. I ended up doing two. The first was based on Freedom from Want by Norman Rockwell and the second is based on an interesting painting by Georgia O’Keeffe. Since I try never to post other people’s art on this page, I have linked each title to a picture of the painting the poem is based on. I’m not a poet, but I had a good time and more importantly I got to meet another creative community in my area and I hope to make some friends.

Save The Neck

Rockwell’s piece I like the most
Thanksgiving Thursday on Saturday’s Post.
Fifty pound turkey on a tray,
Grandpa stands lovingly in the way.
Peeking through is little sis,
making sure that nothing’s missed.
Brother Sam with sheepish grin,
Uncle Bob has tales to spin.
The poet sits in humor dark,
trying not to add, “Save the neck for me, Clark.”
Sisters whisper cross the table,
Faceless man, I hope he’s stable.
Uncle Tom’s a happy man,
there’s cranberry sauce shaped like the can.
Aunt Bethany with smiling face
won’t fill her plate til she says grace.
Norman lay those brushes down,
it’s time to pass the taters round.

Negative Space

Floral forms reveal a path.
The Valley of the Shadow.
Petals become mountains,
Casting shadows deep.
The Valley of the Shadow.
Forked paths lead to mystery,
obscured by shadows deep.
The deep, deep valley of the shadow
Destiny determined by the path we choose.
from above the choice is clear.
I might find myself in a negative place
the valley of the shadow,
but I’m only passing through.

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