You Don’t Have to Go to Church…

Posted: January 11, 2020 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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Right now a lot of my regular readers are likely scratching their heads, and the people from my home church are likely more than a little frustrated so I better explain myself. You don’t have to go to church. For that matter, you don’t have to go to work or school, you don’t have to bathe or eat or drink or sleep. well I suppose the urge to sleep will eventually overtake you in spite or yourself, but the rest are ultimately choices we make. And by the way choosing not to do any of them will be detrimental to your life.

I was listening to Dan Miller’s podcast and he reminded me of what I already know. How we think about things matters. All of these things are choices, and they are also privileges. You don’t have to do them, you get to do them. Going to church is not a have to, it’s a get to. Getting together with other believers to worship the Lord. That’s a privilege. Singing God’s praises, that’s a privilege. Lifting your prayers to the Lord is a privilege. Reading God’s Word and studying it together is a privilege. These are all things that hold huge benefits for our lives and they are all an amazing privilege. You can say, I can do most of these on my own, without entering the church. No respectfully, you can’t. Oh there are times to do all these things personally, on your own, and I am a huge advocate of living a life of worship, but worship was also designed to be done in community. Studying God’s Word was meant to be done in community. Prayer and praise were also meant to be done at least at times in community.

Now I know what you might be thinking. People in the church have done this or that or the other thing. They’re hypocrites. You’re right. Church people sometimes fail to live up to God’s standard and even their own. So do you, am I right? I often compare the church to an airport. Everybody walks through the door dragging their baggage behind them. There are no perfect people anywhere, but when we come together we can build each other up, and lift each other up, and together we can be better together than we are alone.

Bottom line. You don’t have to go to church, you get to go to church. The church needs you, and you need the church.

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