Okay… warning, I’m about to confess a great weakness in hopes that it will help someone else. I was online yesterday, and I saw an amazing piece of digital art. The artist was getting opinions as to whether or not her prices were too high. She was asking $25 for a close up, just the face, or for a wider angle full body commission she was asking $40. I was flabbergasted. The work was beautiful. I’m not sure I could do a piece that good, but if I could, I would charge a minimum of ten times what she was charging, but in her question, I heard the bigger question, “Am I worth it?”

See all of us creative types question our value. We’ve been taught from a pretty early age that what we do is not a real job and as a result, we question the value of what we do. I’m more guilty than most. You see “Am I worth it?” can flow into every area of life. When I am happy, when I feel like I am doing really great and more correctly when things are going really great, there is always this nagging suspicion that something is going to come along and ruin it. I’ve felt this way about my art, my ministry, even my marriage. “I’m too happy, something is sure to fall apart.” Am I the only one, and if not, why do we do this to ourselves? Why can’t I just enjoy life? I mean I just had a phenomenal couple months of ministry both in my church and on the road, and I should be overjoyed and in awe of God’s faithfulness. Instead I am wondering when it’s all going to come apart. Why can’t I just be happy? I think it comes down to that old question. “Am I worth it?”

If you’ve ever felt that way, let me tell you what I really long to hold on to and what I’m trying to grasp even now. You and I are loved by the God of the universe. That is no guarantee that things will not fall apart, but God is with you. There are people in this world that love you just for you, and everything God has given us to do has value to someone. You have value whether people see it or not. If people don’t like your work, they are the wrong audience for your work. At the end of the day, God will never leave you, nor forsake you. Trust in Him. He’s ultimately who matters most, and He loves you. Then find the people who love you too. If the God of the universe gave His only Son for you, that’s all the evidence you need.

You are worth it!

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